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Certified Hendra Vaccinations and Movement Records on The FREE Horse Records App

The Horse Records App has a great set of features for all users to enjoy. The Horse Records app is FREE and can be used to add up to 7 horses.

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Movement Records
Users of Horse Records can create digital movement logs and history of every horse movement on and off their location as a part of their bio-security plan and to satisfy government regulations.
Verified Hendra Vaccination Certificates
Horse Records works in unison with Horse4Health. Once a Hendra Vaccination is uploaded into Horse4Health, users can access this information and save it as a PDF or to their Apple Wallet.
Scan Microchips to Verify Other Horses Vaccinations
The Horse Records app allows users to connect a microchip scanner to verify any horse's Hendra vaccination, so long as their information has been uploaded and verified through Horse Records.
Vaccination and Health Record Checklist
Businesses, veterinarians and other Horse Health Experts can use the vaccination and horse health event checklist to keep detailed health records. These checklists work in unison with the microchip scanner and can be used to record batch numbers and expiry dates for health events.
Horse Rider Assessments
Horse Rider Assessments are an essential part of any business utilising horses for work-related purposes. This tool assists management staff to assess riders and horses to create the necessary evidence to meet reporting obligations for workplace health and safety requirements.
Incident Reporting
Horse Records unique incident reporting tool is utilised to meet the obligations of workplace health and safety requirements. Once completed, the digital form is stored in one easy to access location.

Microchip Scanner
Our Recommended Microchip Scanner

The Horse Records team and the veterinarians that we work with have recommended the Realtrace RT100 V8BT. This microchip scanner has been tried and tested with the Horse Records app and works fluently to scan microchips out in the field.

We do not endorse any microchip scanner and we can work with any other supplier to help integrate with the Horse Records App.